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Online Vedanta Classes and Courses 2020




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                        Adi Shankara’s    ŚATAŚLOKĪ 

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                       — Om Tat Sat —





Vedanta addresses and removes feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, showing us that one is whole and complete, free from the unhappiness and limitations we have associated with ourselves.

The Arsha Vijnana Gurukulum is a place dedicated to the holistic development, and the spiritual well being of all peoples. Additionally, the Center is committed to the following specific activities:

Arsha Vijnana Gurukulum will have the following goals:

Respecting cultural and religious diversity is extremely important in contemporary times, and can be a cornerstone for the elimination of most conflict. Indigenous and ethnic religious and spiritual traditions, including Hinduism, have an impressive history of accommodation and religious tolerance. An important mission of the Arsha Vijnana Gurukulum is to foster peace between peoples and nations.